Gallagher, Rory
Title Location Date No Media Source Quality Setlist Art
On French TV Various France 0000-00-00 1 CD Studio No
French Broadcasts 1977-1994 Various 0000-00-00 1 CD FM No
Mamas In The Kitchen.... Baking Apple Pie Various 0000-00-00 1 CD FM Yes
Unpublished BBC Sessions Paris Theatre, London England 1971-00-00 1 CD Soundboard No
Paying Taxes At The City Hall City Hall, Sheffield, England 1971-06-00 1 CD Audience Yes
City Hall Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield England 1971-06-12 1 CD Audience Yes
Crystal Palace Garden Party Crystal Palace Gardens, London England 1971-07-31 1 CD Audience No
Live at British Rock Meeting British Rock Meeting, Rheinhalbinsel, Speyer, Germany 1971-09-04 1 CD Audience No
First British Rock Meeting Speyer, Germany 1971-09-09 1 CD Audience No
Live at the Watford Tower Watford Tower, London England 1971-09-23 1 CD Audience No
Live at the Whiskey A Go Go Whiskey A Go Go, Los Angeles CA 1971-10-13 2 CD Audience Yes
City Hall Cork 1971 City Hall, Cork Ireland 1971-12-28 2 CD Audience Yes
Second British Rockmeeting Germersheim, Insel Grun Germany 1972-05-22 1 CD FM No
Funky Headquarters Funky Headquarters, San Diego CA 1972-09-00 1 CD Soundboard Yes
Nordseehalle 1973 Nordseehalle, Emden Germany 1973-01-14 1 CD Audience Yes
Live at the Whiskey A-Go-Go Whiskey-A-Go-Go, Hollywood CA 1973-04-10 1 CD Audience No
September 1973 Richards Niteclub, Atlanta GA 1973-09-00 1 CD FM Yes
Live at the Messehalle Messehalle, Sindelfingen Germany 1973-10-27 2 CD Audience Yes
1974 On Tour Various 1974-00-00 1 CD Soundboard Yes
City Hall Cork City Hall, Cork Ireland 1974-01-05 2 CD Audience Yes
Oh no this is not Tokyo Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo Japan 1974-01-26 2 CD Audience Yes
San Sebastian Polideportivo de Anoeta, San Sebastian Spain 1974-05-26 2 CD Audience Yes
Electric Ballroom Electric Ballroom, Atlanta GA 1974-08-00 1 CD FM Yes
Hey Bartender Can You Hear Me Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH 1974-08-12 2 CD FM Yes
Live at the Agora Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH 1974-08-13 1 CD FM Yes
Orlando Sports Stadium Orlando Sports Stadium, Orlando FL 1974-08-29 1 CD Audience No
Live at My Fathers Place My Fathers Place, Roslyn NY 1974-09-08 1 CD FM Yes
Tattood Revisited Shibyuka Kokaido, Tokyo Japan 1975-01-26 2 CD Audience No
Live at Shibuya Kokaido Shibuyua Kokaido, Tokyo Japan 1975-01-26 2 CD Audience Yes
Live at the Aragon Ballroom Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL 1976-01-16 1 CD Soundboard Yes
Reading Rock 76 16th National Jazz, Blues and Rock Festival, Reading England 1976-08-28 2 CD Audience Yes
16th National Jazz, Blues and Rock Festival 16th National Jazz, Blues and Rock Festival, Reading England 1976-08-28 1 CD Audience Yes
LA Moonchild Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles CA 1976-11-18 2 CD FM Yes
Live at Nagoya Nagoya-shi Kokaido, Aichi Japan 1977-10-25 2 CD Audience Yes
Sea Cruise at the Konzerthaus Konzerthaus, Vienna Austria 1978-09-19 2 CD Audience Yes
Live at the Stadthalle Stadthalle, Offenbach Germany 1978-10-03 2 CD Audience Yes
Heidelberg 78 Rhein-Neckar-Halle, Heidelberg-Eppelheim Germany 1978-10-05 2 CD Audience Yes
Cloak And Dagger Rhein-Neckar-Halle, Heidelberg-Eppelheim Germany 1978-10-05 2 CD Audience Yes
Live at Hemmerleinhalle Hemmerleinhalle Neunkirchen, Nurnberg Germany 1978-10-07 2 CD Audience Yes
Hippodrome Paris Hippodrome porte de Pantin Paris France 1978-10-23 2 CD Audience No
Live in Oslo Chateau Neuf, Oslo Norway 1978-10-29 2 CD Audience Yes
Live at the Stars Stars, Philadelphia PA 1978-11-17 2 CD FM No
Live at the Old Waldorf Old Waldorf, San Francisco CA 1978-12-03 2 CD FM Yes
Too Much Alcohol The Bottom Line, New York City NY 1978-12-11 2 CD LP Yes
Live at the National Stadium National Stadium, Dublin Ireland 1978-12-29 2 CD Audience Yes
First show at The Bottom Line The Bottom Line, New York City NY 1979-09-06 2 CD FM Yes
Live at Toads Place Toads Palce, New Haven CT 1979-11-15 2 CD FM Yes
Nogent sur Marne Pavillion Baltard, Nogent sur Marne France 1980-01-25 2 CD Audience No
Rory Rocks City Hall Vol City Hall Newcastle England 1982-05-23 2 CD Audience No
Have a drink on me Apollo Theatre, Glasgow Scotland 1982-05-28 2 CD FM No
Live at the Races Punchestown Racecourse, Naas Ireland 1982-07-18 2 CD Audience No
Live from Paris chapiteau de la Villette, Paris France 1983-05-07 2 CD Audience No
Open air festival 84 Open Air Festival, Bosenbachstadion, St. Wendel Germany 1984-07-07 3 CD Audience Yes
Grand Central Grand Central Station, Albuquerque NM 1985-05-22 3 CD Audience No
Montreux Jazz Festival Montreux Switzerland 1985-07-05 1 CD Soundboard No
Live at Inselwiese Inselwiese, Dinkelsbuhl Germany 1986-07-05 2 CD Audience No
First Night at City Hall City Hall Newcastle England 1987-10-01 2 CD Audience Yes
Live at the Rock City Rock City Nottingham England 1987-10-12 3 CD Audience Yes
Live at the Hummingbird The Hummingbird, Birmingham England 1987-10-18 3 CD Audience Yes
Live at the Hanehof De Hanehof, Geleen Holland 1987-11-12 1 CD Soundboard No
Eilenriederhalle Germany 89 Hannover, Germany 1989-08-18 2 CD Audience No
Live In Kehl Stadthalle, Kehl Germany 1992-12-05 2 CD Audience No
Only The Good Ones Die Young Schadaupark, Thun Switzerland 1994-08-13 2 CD Audience Yes
BBC Radio Documentary BBC Studios, London England 2005-04-16 1 CD FM No

Here I will try to offer you an updated list over the recordings that I have collected during the years. If you, as I, are a rabid collector of live recordings by your favourite rock stars, I just might have something to trade with you. Even if I do a lot less trading than I did before, I do an occasional trade just to stay in tune with whats happening.

If you are a newbie without any special collection yet, I would advice you to register in a few of the many trading groups that are on (among others)

The purpose of my pages:

These pages was first of all made to get me trades. and to show fellow traders what I have to offer. As time goes I thought that it might just be a bit fun to be able to offer some links to sites with resources for traders and tapers. If you have any links that you think should be on this page, but are missing, please send me an e-mail.

I have added a quality note as a service for you all as we go on. Here I will give you my opinion on the shows, specially the quality, but also if it is boring or brilliant. I stress that it is my personal opinion that is reflected here, just as a afterthought.

Important Note:

Unfortunately I am no longer trading, I have found that the whole trading takes too much time. If, however, I have a show that you want, I am willing to torrent this show on a tracker that we can agree on. Please ask if you are in need of some info. I am a member of most of the big trackers, and I am able to seed at a reasonably good speed.

My address is balla99 at balla99 dot no

Take care, balla99

Unfortunately I have now come to the conclusion that I have to give up CD's. No more trading. Most of my CD's has been given away, so I can not seed or trade those anymore. I keep the records just for the purpose of those who has traded/received some of my discs, and for people to see what is available out there.
And it's nice to see the traces of what once was my main hobby.

If you have any any good artwork links for me I would be extremely happy.
I might even throw in a surprise by snailmail.