Deep Purple
Title Location Date No Media Source Quality Setlist Art
Live At The Budokan 1975 Budokan Hall, Tokyo Japan 1975-12-11 1 DVD ProShot Yes
The Bogus Deep Purple Live Estadio IBDE, Mexico City Mexico 1980-06-28 1 DVD ProShot No
A Night In Sydney Entertainment Center, Sydney Australia 1984-12-13 1 DVD Audience Yes
Sydney 84 Entertainment Center, Sydney Australia 1984-12-14 2 DVD Audience Yes
Montreal 85 Montreal Forum, Montreal Canada 1985-03-31 1 DVD Audience Yes
Woman From Osaka Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka Japan 1985-05-09 1 DVD Audience Yes
Live In Sweden Isstadion, Stockholm Sweden 1985-06-14 1 DVD Audience Yes
Vienna 85 Stadthalle, Vienna Austria 1985-06-26 1 DVD Audience Yes
Live In Malmo Malmo, Sweden 1985-06-28 1 DVD Audience Yes
Paris 85 Remixed Palais Omnisports, Paris France 1985-07-09 1 DVD ProShot Yes
Last Night Of Tour War Memorial, Rochester NY 1985-08-20 2 DVD Audience Yes
The Color Purple Westfalenhalle, Dortmund Germany 1987-02-04 1 DVD Audience Yes
Cologne 87 Sporthalle, Cologne Germany 1987-02-08 1 DVD Audience No
Festhalle Frankfurt Festhalle, Frankfurt Germany 1987-02-09 1 DVD Audience Yes
Malmo 87 Isstadion, Malmo Sweden 1987-02-25 1 DVD Audience Yes
Swedish Blue Isstadion, Malmų Sweden 1987-02-25 1 DVD Audience Yes
Find Yourself A Hero In Detroit Joe Louis Arena, Detroit MI 1987-05-08 1 DVD Audience Yes
Helsinki 1987 Jaahalli, Helsinki Finland 1987-08-19 1 DVD Audience Yes
A Purple Light In Vienna Stadthalle, Vienna Austria 1987-08-26 1 DVD Audience Yes
Copenhagen 88 Valbyhallen, Copenhagen Denmark 1988-09-27 1 DVD Audience Yes
Brazil 1991 Ginasio do Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo Brazil 1991-08-16 1 DVD Audience No
Live In Saarbrucken Saarbrucken, Germany 1993-06-16 1 DVD Audience Yes
Live At Palaferia Palaferia, Forli Italia 1993-09-26 1 DVD Audience No
Made In Italy Palasport, Torino Italy 1993-09-27 1 DVD-9 Audience Yes
Festhalle Frankfurt 93 Festhalle, Frankfurt Germany 1993-10-03 1 DVD Audience Yes
Berlin 93 Deutschlandhalle, Berlin Germany 1993-10-07 1 DVD Audience Yes
Cologne 93 Cologne Germany 1993-10-10 1 DVD Audience Yes
Munich 93 Munich Germany 1993-10-14 1 DVD Audience Yes
Vienna Austria Stadthalle, Vienna Austria 1993-10-27 1 DVD Audience Yes
Prague 93 Sportovny Hala, Prague Czech Republik 1993-10-30 1 DVD Audience Yes
Live At The Academy Brixton Academy, London England 1993-11-07 1 DVD Audience No
Richies Last Gig Oslo Spektrum, Oslo Norway 1993-11-15 1 DVD Audience Yes
Richies Last Stand Isshallen, Helsinki Finland 1993-11-17 1 DVD Audience Yes
A Battle In The Forest Waldbuhne, Berlin Germany 1994-06-03 1 DVD Audience Yes
Heden All Star Heden All Star Festival, Gothenburg Sweden 1994-06-11 1 DVD Audience No
Saarbrucken 94 Saarlandhalle, Saarbrucken Germany 1994-06-16 1 DVD Audience Yes
Genova 94 Palasport, Genova Italy 1994-06-22 1 DVD Audience No
Cascades In Cardiff St Davids Hall, Cardiff Wales 1996-02-19 1 DVD-9 Audience Yes
Sometimes I Feel Like Waltzing Grugahalle, Essen Germany 1996-03-13 1 DVD Audience Yes
Live In Brussels 96 Vorst National, Brussel Belgium 1996-03-23 1 DVD Audience No
Made In Sweden Sweeden Rock Festival, Karlshamn, Sweden 1996-06-14 1 DVD Audience Yes
Eastern Tour '96 Tallin Estonia 1996-07-07 1 DVD ProShot No
Live At The Rosemont Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL 1996-11-29 1 DVD Audience Yes
Purpendicular Brazil Olimpia, Sao Paulo Brazil 1997-03-19 1 DVD ProShot Yes
Montreal 98 Molson Centre, Montreal Canada 1998-08-18 1 DVD Audience No
Toronto 98 Molson Aphitheatre, Toronto Canada 1998-08-19 1 DVD Audience Yes
Live at the Sporthalle Sporthalle, Prague, Czeck Republik 1998-11-16 1 DVD Audience Yes
Thaw In St Petersburg Jubileiny Palace Of Sports, St Petersburg Russia 1998-11-23 1 DVD Audience Yes
Moments Of Abandon Velodromo, Santiago Chile 1999-03-31 1 DVD ProShot No
Live In Gothenburgh Scandinavium, Gothenburgh Sweden 2000-10-06 1 DVD Audience Yes
Live At The Golf Ball Globe Arena, Stockholm Sweden 2000-10-07 1 DVD Audience No
Classic Dortmund Westfalenhalle, Dortmund Germany 2000-10-29 1 DVD Audience Yes
Gampel Open Air Open Air Festival, Gampel Switzerland 2001-08-18 1 DVD ProShot Yes
Purple Magic Thessaloniki Greece 2001-09-05 1 DVD Audience Yes
An Evening With The Locals St Petersburg Russia 2002-03-17 1 DVD Audience Yes
Moscow 2002 Olympijski Sports Complex, Moscow Russia 2002-03-19 2 DVD Audience Yes
Live at Virginia Beach Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Virginia Beach VI 2002-06-22 1 DVD Audience No
Purple Smoking Iron Hammersmith, London England 2002-09-07 1 DVD Audience Yes
Brazilian Tapes 2003-2006 Brazilian TV Stations 2003-00-00 1 DVD ProShot Yes
Kamenz 2003 Kamenz Germany 2003-06-15 1 DVD Audience Yes
Ultimate Siegen Siegerlandhalle, Siegen Germany 2003-07-26 1 DVD Audience Yes
AVO Session Festival Hall, Basel Switzerland 2003-11-14 1 DVD ProShot Yes
Live At The Beacon Beacon Theatre, New York City NY 2004-01-03 2 DVD Audience Yes
Live At The Warfield The Warfield Theatre, San Francisco CA 2004-02-11 1 DVD Audience Yes
Greed King Massey Hall, Toronto Canada 2004-02-26 1 DVD Audience Yes
Greed King Massey Hall, Toronto Canada 2004-02-26 2 DVD Audience Yes
Living Thing International Forum, Tokyo Japan 2004-03-20 1 DVD Audience Yes
Seoul 2004 Seoul South Korea 2004-03-28 1 DVD Audience Yes
Made In China 2004 Beijing Gymnasium, Beijing China 2004-03-31 1 DVD ProShot Yes
Montreux Jazz Festival Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux Switzerland 2004-07-04 1 DVD Audience Yes
Monsters Of Rock 04 Stadio Sinigaglia, Como Italy 2004-07-13 1 DVD Audience No
Como 2004 Stadio Sinigaglia, Como Italy 2004-07-13 1 DVD Audience Yes
Montreal 04 Bell Centre, Montreal Canada 2004-08-10 1 DVD Audience No
Live at Jones Beach Wantagh, Long Island NY 2004-08-15 1 DVD Audience No
Live At The Sleep Train Sleep Train Amphitheatre, Marysville, Sacramento CA 2004-09-02 1 DVD Audience No
Two Nights In Sao Paulo Creditcard Hall, Santo Amaro, Sao Paulo Brazil 2005-11-01 1 DVD Audience No
Wetzlar 2006 Arena, Wetzlar Germany 2006-02-15 1 DVD Audience No
Brno 2006 Rondo Hall, Brno Czech Republik 2006-02-22 1 DVD Audience No
Sweden Rock 2006 Sweden Rock Festival, Solvesborg Sweden 2006-06-08 1 DVD Audience Yes
Going Bananas In Switzerland Various 2006-07-15 2 DVD ProShot Yes
Montreux 06 Auditorium Stravinsky, Montreux Switzerland 2006-07-15 1 DVD ProShot Yes
Rapture Of Kazan Palace Of Sports, KazanTatarstan 2006-10-18 1 DVD Audience Yes
Moscow 2006 Olimpiyskiy Stadium, Moscow Russia 2006-10-19 1 DVD Audience Yes
Taratata French 4, France 2007-01-12 1 DVD ProShot No
Acireale Italy Palasport, Acireale Italy 2007-03-10 1 DVD Audience Yes
Live In Clyde Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow Scotland 2007-05-01 1 DVD Audience No
Live In New York City Radio City Music Hall, New York City NY 2007-08-07 1 DVD Audience Yes
Purple Violin Eishalle, Graz Austria 2007-11-08 1 DVD-9 Audience Yes
Luna Parkinson Luna Park Stadium, Buenos Aires Argentina 2008-02-26 1 DVD Audience Yes
Open Air Tanzbrunnen Open Air am Tanzbrunnen, Cologne Germany 2008-07-26 2 DVD Audience No
Fresh Rock From Privoz Odessa, Ukraine 2008-10-13 1 DVD Audience Yes
Festhalle Frankfurt 08 Festhalle, Frankfurt Germany 2008-11-07 1 DVD Audience No
Live In Japan Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka Japan 2009-04-13 1 DVD Audience No
Maximum Moscow B1Maximun, Moscow Russia 2009-04-18 1 DVD Audience Yes
Cold Summer Night DKB Ski Arena, Oberhof Germany 2009-06-12 1 DVD Audience No
The Great Wide Open Trabrennbahn, Muehldorf Germany 2009-06-13 2 DVD Audience Yes
Lovely Days Lovely Days Festival, Wiesen Austria 2009-07-10 1 DVD Audience No
Gillan, Ian
Title Location Date No Media Source Quality Setlist Art
Faelledparken Copenhagen Denmark 1990-07-28 1 DVD Audience Yes
Caesars Palace Helsingborg Sweden 1992-03-22 1 DVD Audience Yes
World Cafe Live World Cafe Live, Philadelphia PA 2006-08-24 1 DVD Audience Yes
Gillan's Inn Pabst Theatre, Milwaukee WI 2006-08-30 1 DVD Audience Yes
Hughes, Glenn
Title Location Date No Media Source Quality Setlist Art
You Keep On Moving Various 1993-00-00 1 DVD ProShot Yes
Live At Ginos Gino, Stockholm Sweden 1994-10-27 1 DVD Audience No
Funky Business Zaal Struik, Heino Holland 1995-07-14 1 DVD Audience Yes
Moscow 95 Unknown Venue, Moscow Russia 1995-11-23 1 DVD ProShot Yes
Live In Springfield The Jaxx, Springfield VA 2001-03-23 1 DVD Audience Yes
Rome 2003 Frontiers Showcase, Rome Italy 2003-06-27 1 DVD Audience Yes
Lady Double Dealer Rock In The Park Festival, Arenzano Italy 2004-07-17 1 DVD Audience Yes
Bochum 2006 Zeche Bochum, Bochum Germany 2005-03-04 1 DVD Audience Yes
Kiev 2007 KH Oktyabrski, Kiev Ukraine 2007-03-12 2 DVD Audience Yes
Live In Rio Circo Voador, Rio deJaneiro Brazil 2007-10-28 2 DVD ProShot Yes
Osessa 2008 Concert Hall Sadi Pobedi, Odessa Ukraine 2008-04-08 2 DVD Audience Yes
Skaanevik Festival Skaanevik Blues Festival, Skaanevik Norway 2008-07-03 1 DVD Audience Yes
Title Location Date No Media Source Quality Setlist Art
Helsinki 82 Jaahalli, Helsinki Finland 1982-11-03 1 DVD Audience Yes
Osnabruck 95 Stadthalle, Osnabruck Germany 1995-10-16 1 DVD Audience Yes
Japan 95 Bay Chiba NK Hall, Tokyo Japan 1995-11-23 1 DVD Audience No
Title Location Date No Media Source Quality Setlist Art
Ludwigshafen 83 Remastered Friedrich Ebert Halle, Ludwigshafen Germany 1983-03-19 1 DVD-9 ProShot Yes
Live In Turku Turku Finland 1983-08-14 1 DVD Audience Yes
New Years Eve In Wembley Wembley Arena, London England 1987-12-31 1 DVD Audience No
First Step In Russia St Petersburg Russia 1994-06-20 2 DVD ProShot Yes
Starkers In Europe Warzaw Poland 1997-04-18 1 DVD Audience No

Here I will try to offer you an updated list over the recordings that I have collected during the years. If you, as I, are a rabid collector of live recordings by your favourite rock stars, I just might have something to trade with you. Even if I do a lot less trading than I did before, I do an occasional trade just to stay in tune with whats happening.

If you are a newbie without any special collection yet, I would advice you to register in a few of the many trading groups that are on (among others)

The purpose of my pages:

These pages was first of all made to get me trades. and to show fellow traders what I have to offer. As time goes I thought that it might just be a bit fun to be able to offer some links to sites with resources for traders and tapers. If you have any links that you think should be on this page, but are missing, please send me an e-mail.

I have added a quality note as a service for you all as we go on. Here I will give you my opinion on the shows, specially the quality, but also if it is boring or brilliant. I stress that it is my personal opinion that is reflected here, just as a afterthought.

Important Note:

Unfortunately I am no longer trading, I have found that the whole trading takes too much time. If, however, I have a show that you want, I am willing to torrent this show on a tracker that we can agree on. Please ask if you are in need of some info. I am a member of most of the big trackers, and I am able to seed at a reasonably good speed.

My address is balla99 at balla99 dot no

Take care, balla99

Unfortunately I have now come to the conclusion that I have to give up CD's. No more trading. Most of my CD's has been given away, so I can not seed or trade those anymore. I keep the records just for the purpose of those who has traded/received some of my discs, and for people to see what is available out there.
And it's nice to see the traces of what once was my main hobby.

If you have any any good artwork links for me I would be extremely happy.
I might even throw in a surprise by snailmail.